If you’re like me, family is all important to you.

And – like so many people – you probably keep meaning to capture all of you together before yet another year goes by.

Or another milestone passes.

Maybe you’re always the one behind the camera so there are never pictures of you.

I can help with all of that!

I offer in-studio family sessions for your immediate and extended family. You will ALL love how you look, because I will help you with what to wear, and we’ll create an image that EVERYONE in the picture will love.

A professional family picture doesn’t need to be stuffy, it just needs to be a little put together (I can help you there!) and include all the most important and loved people in your life.

Here’s a little more information:
Session's for immediate families can be up to an hour or more and I will photograph however many breakout groups you’d like.

Extended families may include up to 10 people in studio, possibly more if there are more children than adults.

I will also take however many breakout groups that you need.


---------- How the Family Session Works----------

Sessions are always relaxed and easy going.

My style often depends on what the nature of the session is all about. 

I will always ask the question..  What do YOU want from your session?
fafa At the end of the day my goal is to have you happy with your images
and have great memories from your sessions.

Just before the session I will listen to what is important to you,
I always try to start with the largest group photo first, this gives little ones a chance to warm up, then working my way into breakout groups.
The best part about choosing me to photograph your family is that you choose exactly what you want.

After viewing your images in a private online gallery, you then get your choice of what images you want and purchase exactly what you need.

Professional print's, canvas and products are available to ensure quality and color
as well as digital files if you would prefer to do the printing yourself.
The choice is yours.

>>>>>>>View Family Product Catalog<<<<<<<


---------- What I Offer ----------

Whatever your interest, if you appreciate fine portraiture
I have something for you!

I offer a wide variety of products – desk portraits, wall pieces, parent brag books, canvases, books and albums, frames, announcement cards and more.
There are plenty of samples to choose from.

---------- Here's the DEAL ----------

$50 up to three people 30 Minute Session
Private Online viewing gallery

$75 up to 60 Minute Session
Private Online viewing gallery

Remember:: Sessions can be done in studio or on location


Outdoor sessions have no limit of people however additional time may be needed.
contact me for a custom rate. 


Above fee's do not include images... Please contact me for Print / digital file Pricing