Loyalty Program & Benefits

We all love loyalty programs, where you get something for free, right?

To show my appreciation to those who have supported me in the past & continue to support me as my business grows. 
Here is an offer you can't resist!


How does the loyalty program work?

1.  Once you have booked a photography session with Kim Harris Photography, you automatically gain membership to the loyalty program.
2. All you need to do is make 5 connections to Kim Harris Photography  and you will qualify for a free photo shoot.

What is a connection?

A connection is similar to a referral program, but better!
You can make a connection in 2 different ways, 
the first is by booking a session with Kim Harris Photography. 
The second is by referring someone else, who books a session with Kim Harris Photography.

Let me show you....

You book a session with Kim Harris Photography & become a member of the loyalty Program.
That's Connection 1
Your sister decides she loves your photos, and books her own session.
That's Connection 2

You decide to have more photos taken
That's Connection 3
You refer a friend who books a session with Kim Harris Photography
That's Connection 4

You purchase a Kim Harris Photography gift certificate.
That's Connection 5

After you gain your 5 connections, you will receive a Loyalty Program Voucher, which will entitle you to a free 60 minute photo shoot of your choice.  Alternatively, you can request this to be issued in the form of a gift certificate, that can then be used as a present.


Does my first sitting count as a connection?
Yes! Your first sitting will not only gain you entry as a loyalty member, but will count as your 1st connection, so you will only need to make 4 more connections.

If I refer a friend to your facebook page, and they win a giveaway, is that counted as a connection?
Unfortunately no.  A connection is only valid if it is a session that is paid for. 

Does it matter what type of photo sitting I or the person I refer book?
No. All sittings- pregnancy, newborn, romantic, family, cake smash and trash the dress wedding will count as a connection. **Newborn packages only count as one connection.**

If I refer a friend who books in for a promotional photo sitting (monthly special or facebook special), does that count as a connection?
Absolutely, any special offer  will count as a connection. The only thing that doesn't count are free sittings offered as prizes.