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Real Women, Real Life, Real Beauty

True beauty, for me, comes with life and the way its handled.

Being comfortable in front of the camera isn't easy for everyone, even the famous are camera shy. If you can teach yourself to ignore the camera and focus on the person
taking the picture instead, the experience will seem more organic.

Often, when a photographer picks up his camera the subject will immediately stop what they are doing and try to compose themselves. But 95 percent of the time, it is your lovely, Uncomposed self we’re interested in.
So have faith in yourself, relax, and let your real beauty shine through.



Beauty Makeovers:
Getting nails, hair, and makeup done are a great idea.
But trying a new facial peel or hair removal technique just before your session is not advisable.
Also, trying to get that “tan” just a few days before your session can cause problems, not to
mention tan lines. Stay away from anything that might adversely affect the look of your skin.

Get rest, drink water:
Everyone looks better after getting the proper rest the night before.
Water helps add life to your complexion.

Come to your session sober
You’ll want to feel relaxed and confident for your session.
However, being the star of your own photo shoot takes a fair amount of concentration
and effort. The photos just won’t look right if you’re not totally coherent and not able to
take direction properly.

Don’t wear tight or binding clothing before your session:
These can leave marks and lines on your skin that take time to go away.

Give yourself plenty of time to get there:
When you don’t feel rushed, you don’t feel stressed. So, have everything ready to go well in advance, including hair and makeup. Then you’ll have the luxury of taking your time, with no worries.

For boudoir, a more dramatic look tends to work best. False eyelashes usually
enhance the overall look for the pictures, too. A professional makeup artist can advise
you on getting just the look you want for your pictures. Bring a makeup kit and hair products along
with you for touch ups.

Again, we recommend styling that goes a little beyond your everyday look.
Volume and style for sultry and/or playful looks.

Other Tips:
Wear clear deodorant. Light or no perfume. Also, stubble can really ruin a
“smooth” look, so prepare accordingly. Look over some pictures that appeal to you
(online,magazines, etc.) and practice a few poses and facial expressions that you might want to try.



There are so many opportunities to get creative with your boudoir pictures! Lingerie of various styles, shoes, and even an article of your loved one’s clothing add dimension and possibilities. Different outfits, backgrounds, poses, and attitudes can all help to enhance

variety and give you more pictures to choose from. Here are some ideas to get you started
(and going through some lingerie catalogs and web sites can give you ideas and inspiration, too):

[ ] Lingerie: incl. hosiery
[ ] Sexy shoes
[ ] Accessories: necklaces, bracelets, earrings
[ ] Sheer fabrics & scarves
[ ] His shirt, tie, boots, team jersey, football...
[ ] Hat, gloves, and other props
[ ] Costume: If the theme holds a meaning to you
[ ] Bridal Veil for “Bridal Boudoir”
[ ] Swimsuit
[ ] Shorts, skirts, and tops

Which of the following bests describes what you’d like your photos to look like? Keep in mind that your session is limited by time, so a large number of outfit changes and background changes is not always possible. However, we try to create a session plan so we can capture a wide variety of looks, while maintaining a cohesive style for your album. The choices you make here, and when consulting with us, will help define the session goals.

[ ] Hi-Fashion: Lingerie Ads, Perfume Ads, etc.
[ ] Strong
[ ] Old Hollywood: 1940’s starlet
[ ] Playful
[ ] Serious and Sensual
[ ] Coy
[ ] Sexy
[ ] Sultry
[ ] Romantic
[ ] Sophisticated
[ ] Dreamy
[ ] Dramatic