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  • Pictures interest readers more than text.
  • Readers get information faster from pictures than text.
  • Readers get more information from pictures than text.
  • Readers understand pictures better than text.
  • Pictures have greater emotional impact than text.
  • Readers trust pictures more than text.
  • Pictures have more credibility than text.
  • Emotional impact + trust + credibility

                         => pictures influence readers more than text.

Readers remember pictures better than text


Word people may hate to admit it, but images are what often grab an audience’s attention.
Ensure that your content marketing materials make a great first—and lasting—impression by hiring a professional photographer.

Here are five reasons to invest in professional photos:


Simply put, professional photographs look professional. Images should speak to the quality of the goods, content, or services you offer. Digital photographs snapped by an employee may come off as cheap, amateur, and untrustworthy—all things you don’t want your company to be perceived as.


Investing in a professional photographer can help separate your company from its competitors. As we mention above, people are naturally drawn to images. Attract an audience with photographs that look as good, or better than, your competitors’ images.


When you hire a professional photographer, you aren’t just paying for pictures. You’re also paying for expert lighting, styling, composition, and editing. Some subjects, such as food, can be especially tricky to photograph. A photographer can help make these and other items appealing to your audience.


Hiring a professional photographer can help keep your final product from feeling disjointed. Whether you’re scheduling professional head shots, images for a custom magazine, or event photos to run in your company newsletter, consistent lighting, backgrounds, and styling will create a polished, cohesive piece.


Pictures can be worth a thousand words…or dollars. Spending money on a professional photographer could save—and make—your company money. By hiring a photographer up front, you can avoid wasting company time if you end up having to reshoot. Compelling photographs can also entice consumers to act on your content, turning browsers into buyers, leads into clients, and readers into consumers.

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