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Host a Portrait Party!

Have some friends? Want to host a party? Invite at least 5 friends and your session is free!
(Does not include finished portraits/DVD’s)

Portrait parties bring together friends and family for affordable professional portraits taken in a relaxed, natural environment.

Portrait Parties are great for people who:

* are on a budget but still want professional photos taken of their children or themselves.
* need updated photos of their kiddos.
* have always wanted to try a “themed” session.
* want a fun way to bond with girlfriends

What is a Portrait Party?

A portrait party is an event hosted in your home or a near by location (parks are great!) where Kim Harris Photography will take professional portraits for you and your friends in 20 minute mini-sessions.

How do they work?

Portrait Parties are hosted by one person who provides the location, coordinates the guest list, schedules the sessions in 20 minute intervals and collects the fees. Hostess get a free photo session (when a minimum of 5 guests commit) and a 8×10 Portrait for hosting a Kim Harris Photography Portrait Party. In addition, you receive a $10 print credit for every person who commits
(10 guests = $100!)

Each guest pays a reduced-rate portrait fee which includes the following (note: Hosts get all this free!):

  • One 20 minute custom photo session
  • 8-10 digitally enhanced photos to choose from
  • One 8×10 Fine Art Print
  • Add-on Portraits/DVDs may be purchased

$30 print credit on a future photography session from Buttons & Curls Photography

Here’s what to do:

  • Pick a date that you want to have a party.
  • Contact me to see if this date is available.
  • Once the date is confirmed then I will send you invitations and a hostess packet filled with information that you need to know.
  • Information is provided to your attendees regarding packages and session fees.
  • On party day I will show up 30 minutes before hand to get ready.
  • The party begins – I will photograph each child/family in their session.
  • Orders are delivered within 2 weeks.
  • That’s it!

 Some facts:

  • Sessions are for children unless you choose a family party.
  • You can choose from a menu of photography types.
  • All attendees will have to choose whether to pay a session only fee or pick a package.
    This information will be in your hostess packet.
  • You don’t need to serve refreshments but it is welcome!
  • You will need to provide the location for the party.

Simple Portraits: children are either nude (age appropriate), in a diaper cover or just in their casual clothes. One clothing change is permitted and session is just very natural. Backgrounds can be environmental (house, steps, street, etc) or you can ask me to bring a  backdrop. In a Simple Portrait session, most often the goal is updated portraits of the children/family or to just capture expressions and emotions.

Seasonal: Holiday party suggestions: Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, and of course Birthdays!

Mama and Me: In this portrait party we photograph the children alone and with their Mama.

Things to think about…

It’s All About FUN

Encourage your guests to bring hats, fairy wings, princess crowns, wonder-woman & superman outfits, bubbles, hula-hoops and any other props that they would like to use to make their photos memorable of their child’s unique stage of life.

Play with Themes

As wide open as your imagination! Here are some suggestions:

  • Superheros
  • Father’s Day gifts & Mother’s Day gifts
  • Princesses & Pirates
  • Tea Party
  • Holidays (Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween)

Tips for a Successful Host

  • Have snacks (it keeps the little ones busy who are waiting for their turn). You can provide snacks yourself or do it potluck style have have everyone bring a little something to share.
  • Schedule your guests’ sessions 20 min apart. Schedule them consecutively so there aren’t any gaps (i.e. 10, 10:20, 10:40, etc). Let  your guests know they aren’t required to stay the whole time.
  • Follow up with your guests with reminders

The only monies you are responsible for collecting is the initial fee ($30/guest).  Please let guests know they may pay in cash or check (note: checks MUST be made out to Kim Harris). If guests want to order more prints, you can let them know they can order directly from Photographer.  And remember: As a hostess, you receive one 20 minute session complimentary along with an 8×10 Fine Art Print. In addition, you receive a $10 print credit for every person who commits (10 guests = $100!)

Thank you for your interest in being a Kim Harris Photography Portrait Party host!