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Getting to Know You…
Capturing the perfect expression or image on camera takes a lot more than just a click of the shutter.
These moments need to be created. They need to be cultivated. Just like a good friendship.
When you spend time with me during a photo shoot, that is exactly what we are doing…we are connecting…we are building trust. Together, we marvel in the miracle of life, sometimes just days old. We revel in the glow of expectant parenthood. We giggle while playing games, singing songs, and sharing really silly jokes.

Getting to Know Me…
As a wife and a mother of two wonderful boys, I know how special family memories are.
That’s why I love baby, child, family, and maternity photography.
My style is casual and clean, using natural light and surroundings. In my studio work, I create impressions that are classic, elegant, and timeless.
My focus, plain and simple, is on you and your family.
My passion for photography began with the birth of my oldest son,
I had to capture every single moment in time...
I am a self taught photographer, spending my spare time reading, studding the art of photography. I have spent countless hours getting to know families, accompanying them as they journey through life’s special moments. I am proud to call many of my clients my friends.

For me, it’s all about celebrating life and love.
I would be honored to share in your life and help you create your own special memories.


Get In Touch With Me....
Telephone: (506) 352-0797 | Email: kimharrisphoto@gmail.com | Web: www.kimharrisphoto.ca