What would you work on?

  • Camera controls and settings
  • Composition & light
  • Which lens to use
  • Finding images
  • Decisive moments
  • Thinking like a photographer (not merely someone with a camera)
  • Managing Lightroom files
  • Post production
  • Confidence …

If what you're looking for isn't listed, please ask...

What to expect

We'll discuss some of your work you feel great about, some you don't and assess it together. You can ask me anything and I'll help you work through issues you're currently stuck on.

I'll set practical tasks for you, ask you questions that'll make you think pretty hard about what you're doing - and help you find answers that'll lead to your desired outcome.

I want you to go home having learnt loads and feeling confident - rather than just nice photos you don't know how to repeat.

I always aim to get you some great images too, but as your private photography trainer, my priority is to help you find and understand solutions - rather than merely point out a picture and tell you what to do. We will take a non-refundable deposit payment. Once we have set a mutually convenient date we will send you an invoice for the balance payment which will be due 2 weeks before the day.

Where will the Lessons take place.

Our Lessons will start in my studio located at 1750 Water Street.

We have the Down Town all around us, the river, boats, the Centennial bridge is near-by and lots of great little ally's if 'urban' is more your thing.

Other locations can be arranged if you wish...


I am so Frustrated on trying to get a good shot.

Ditch the confusion of settings and developing your photography skills. Get personalized training today and have the confidence to capture real-life moments without frustration..

I want to learn how to Effortlessly Capture Stunning Photos.

Nobody wants to be stuck in auto mode forever; with my photography lessons, you can learn the fundamentals that will help you capture amazing photos effortlessly. Unlock your skills and express yourself through stunning shots!

I want to take the Guesswork Out Of Photography.

Photography is daunting if you don't know the basics; let me take away the mystery of camera settings and technique. I want to equip you with the knowledge and confidence that you need to capture real life in beautiful, amazing photos - so ditch the guesswork and learn from a pro!

No Fuss, Just Amazing Shots

No more fuss over camera settings and techniques. With my photography training, you'll be able to express yourself with stunning shots in no time! I'll break down the complexities of photography into easy-to-understand steps so that you can confidently capture amazing photos effortlessly. Get ready to revolutionize your photo game!

How can I get my photos to look like the pros?

Photography is not just about technicalities but also about artistic expression. Finding one's unique style and vision can be challenging, and beginners may feel frustrated when their photos don't turn out the way they envisioned or when they struggle with creativity and visual storytelling. Lets build your story together.

Do I need to Edit my photos?

Editing and post-processing are essential parts of modern photography, but they can be complex and time-consuming. Beginners may find it frustrating to learn and use photo editing software or struggle with achieving the desired results during post-processing. I will show you diferient software and help you get setup for success.

How do I take photos in direct sunlight?

Photography often involves capturing images in different lighting conditions, weather, and environments. Dealing with challenging lighting situations, harsh weather, or other environmental factors can be frustrating and may affect the quality of the photos. We will work together to find solutions to these issues.

Why don't I get any comments on my images?

Criticism and feedback: Photography is a subjective art form, and receiving criticism or feedback on one's work can be frustrating, especially if it is not well-received. It's important to learn how to handle constructive criticism and use it to improve, but it can be challenging for beginners.

How do I find Subjects and locations?

Finding interesting subjects, locations, and opportunities for photography can be challenging, especially for beginners who may not know where to look or have limited access to interesting subjects or locations. I am an open book, you can ask me anything and I will tell you all my secret spots.